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Industry Knowledge

H3 halogen bulbs are a type of headlight bulb commonly used in automotive lighting. They are designed to emit a bright, white light that provides excellent visibility in a variety of driving conditions. H3 bulbs are popular because they are long-lasting and durable, and are capable of producing a strong, concentrated beam of light that can penetrate even the darkest and foggiest driving conditions. They are often used as fog lights, high-beam lights, and in other applications where powerful illumination is needed.
Pros and Cons of H3 Bulbs
They provide enough light for driving in low visibility conditions such as dust, fog, and darkness, and are brighter than most ordinary light bulbs.
When illuminated, H3 lights enhance the look of your vehicle.
H3 lamps typically have a long life; some can reach 50,000 hours of operation. This trait also hints at their resilience.
Despite being high beams, some low-beam bulb sockets can accommodate them due to the design of the base.

LED H3 bulbs provide directional lighting and low heat dissipation.
H3 bulbs use more energy than regular bulbs. If left on when the car is stationary, it could drain the car's battery. Some experts recommend modifying the vehicle's wiring to support high-wattage bulbs.
The intense illumination from this bulb may blind oncoming drivers, which is not safe.
You'll notice that the H1 bulb has a different shape than the H3. The H1 looks longer and thinner, and the base of the bulb is different. The H1 bulbs use a P14.5 base and the H3 bulbs use a PK22s base with a wire protruding from the bottom.
The method for deciding whether you need an H1 or an H3 depends on which accessory your car requires. Your low and high beams require a specific bulb fitment and only one bulb can be fitted. You cannot simply swap out an H1 for an H3, nor can you plug an H1 bulb into an H3 fitting.

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