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, specializing in the production of various automotive lighting lamps. Since 2006, we have been committed to the research and development of high-quality automotive bulbs, with rich production technology experience and advanced testing equipment (luminous flux, color temperature, life, high temperature and cold resistance, stroboscopic testing, etc.). After more than ten years of continuous development, the company has become one of the quality exporters in the industry, with an annual output of more than 12 million auto bulbs. We mainly produce various automotive halogen bulbs, automotive LED lights and automotive xenon headlights. The products cover car headlights, turn signals, brake lights, instrument lights, reading lights, license plate lights, etc., to meet customers' one-stop purchase needs...
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Specializing in the production of automotive lighting
Since 2006
What Sets Us Apart
We’re a reliable partner that shapes our expertise into success for your project.
We have our own laboratory and excellent testing equipment in the industry to ensure product quality.
We have a strong R&D team that can develop and produce products based on drawings or samples provided by customers.
Our annual output exceeds 12 million bulbs, which can meet the needs of customers with different purchase quantities.
We are only less than 100 kilometers away from the two major ports of Shanghai and Ningbo, and the export is very convenient.
We are a manufacturer of automotive light bulbs. For any customer orders, we will complete them on time, quality and quantity. We can customize product LOGO and design packaging styles for customers, and we will patiently and meticulously answer customer questions and feedback. The certification treats every inquiry initiated by the customer, and then gives a professional answer and an advantageous quotation.
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New product development: We have a professional design and R&D team and advanced testing equipment, to undertake any customization related to automotive bulbs, and have experience and technical level in cooperation with vehicle manufacturers (LED lights are controlled by MCU through software to achieve brightness and color temperature , 1670W color overall or individual adjustment, use Ling or Canbus communication port to connect to the trip computer central control system, all you have to do is to tell us the functions that need to be realized), we will proof and confirm for you in a short time. For any new products of customers, we will professionally communicate with customers, listen to their opinions and give useful suggestions to ensure that excellent products are made.
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We spend time and energy to solve every problem, no matter how ordinary you may encounter. Always in line with the work style of "sincere and pragmatic, perseverance, teamwork, game surpassing", regard quality as life and serve every customer.
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The company has passed various professional certifications.
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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Us
Are you a production plant or a trading company?
We are a factory, and you are welcome to visit our factory at any time.
What products can you provide?
We mainly produce automobile halogen bulbs, LED automobile lights, HID xenon headlights; specific models include headlights, fog lights, turn signals, brake lights, reversing lights, daytime running lights, license plate lights, reading lights, position lights, tail lights, Instrument lights, indicator lights, sun visor lights, etc.
Where are your products mainly used?
Our products are mainly used in the lighting of various automobiles and motorcycles.
Can you make customized products?
What we can do, in addition to our own brand, many of our customers need their own brands. We customize LOGO on products and make some design solutions for packaging boxes for our customers. We also develop some projects in cooperation with vehicle manufacturers and use software systems to control the design and development of lighting effects through the Canbus bus in the center console to achieve brightness, color temperature, color, dynamic effects, and other functions.
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23 Aug 2023
Industry news Manufacturing H7 Car Bulb Upgrades There is no doubt that car bulb technology has moved on a lot in recent years. From LED bulbs that swivel to avoid dazzling traffic up ahead, to HID and Xenon bulbs – it’s all good news for drivers who want to improve their car’s lighting capabilities. But what do you need to know before you swap out your existing headlight bulbs?The first thing to understand is that different headlights use a different bulb size. Whether you have a standard halogen or a xenon bulb – and it’s worth mentioning that HID and Xenon bulbs are a little different to traditional halogen ones – there is a specific adapter that each requires. The reason for this is that the adapter fits over the headlight socket and connects to the power wires. This is why it’s important to make sure you have the right one for your vehicle if you are planning to upgrade.For those who are upgrading from halogen to HID, you need a specialized adapter. This is because these bulbs are filled with gas and require a ballast to ignite them. The HID headlight bulbs can produce up to 5000 lumens which makes them a great choice for up-grading your car’s lighting. In addition to this, they come in various colors and can be a great way to give your car a unique look.When it comes to installing the new bulb, be careful not to touch the metal base. These miniature lights are sensitive to oils and grease from your hands, and you can damage them if you handle them incorrectly. Instead, it’s best to wear gloves when handling the bulb, and be sure not to squeeze the plug. You’ll also need to carefully remove the plastic panel on the back of the headlight unit in order to access the bulbs. Once you’ve done this, replace the old bulb with your new one and close up the bonnet again.Once you’ve mastered the art of changing your car bulbs, there are many other steps that can be taken to improve your driving experience. For instance, you can change the colour of your headlight bulbs to something more vibrant or even amber for a more vintage look. You can also add LED daytime running lights to your vehicle for improved visibility while you’re on the road. This can be a great way to make your car safer and more noticeable to other road users.The most common type of car bulb is an halogen bulb. These are the most commonly used on cars, and are relatively cheap to buy. However, they have a downside: they are not very bright, which can make it difficult to see the road ahead. They can also be very hot, which can burn your fingers if you are not careful. There are some halogen bulbs on the market that claim to be brighter than the standard halogen, but these are often poorly manufactured and can cause headaches for other road users as they flicker and can produce blinding glare.
16 Aug 2023
Industry news Cheap and Reliable China H7 Car Bulb Suppliers Wholesale car H7 LED headlight bulb road legal 36w from China manufacturer best price with reliable quality, 1 year warranty provided with up to 50000 hours life span. Using high-quality materials and advanced technology to meet international first-class standards, this car bulb features good light transmission and stability, and is suitable for most vehicles on the market. Its plug and play design makes it easy to finish installation in a few minutes. It can be used as automotive high or low-beam light, which improves driving capabilities and helps drivers identify traffic hazards more quickly.If you’re looking for a cheap and reliable China H7 car bulb Suppliers, look no further than EKLIGHT. This company has been in business for over 16 years and offers a wide range of products. Their bulbs are certified by E marking, meaning that they meet a certain set of rigorous tests and requirements. This mark is also applied to other components such as headlights and fog lights.While it is possible to find inexpensive and sub-standard bulbs on the internet, it’s important to remember that they can be dangerous for other road users. Some cheap bulbs can be too bright or have a beam pattern that blinds other drivers. This can result in accidents or even get you pulled over by the police.This is why it’s important to buy your lights from reputable suppliers who can guarantee you quality and reliability. Global Sources is a B2B marketplace that connects you with verified wholesalers and manufacturers from around the world. Use our website to spot stylish goods, compare prices, learn about MOQs and more. With a simple click, you can get alerts for new products and make purchases online. This can save you time and money, as well as the hassle of traveling to physical stores.