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Honor certificate

  • CE-EMC
  • ISO9001
  • ROHS


Industry Knowledge

880 (H27W/1) Halogen Car Bulbs are small, single-filament bulbs commonly used as fog light bulbs, although they can also be used as low-beam or high-beam bulbs in some vehicles. They are typically rated at 27 watts and 12 volts, and they feature a PG13 base.
Fog lights are a type of automotive lighting that is mounted low on the front of a vehicle and are designed to provide a low, wide beam of light that illuminates the road directly in front of the vehicle. They are typically used in conditions of reduced visibility, such as fog, rain, or snow, to improve the driver's ability to see the road ahead and to be seen by other drivers. Fog lights are usually distinct from the vehicle's main headlights and are designed to be used in conjunction with them, rather than as a replacement for them.
Fog lights are auxiliary lights on a vehicle that are designed to improve visibility in foggy, misty, or other low-visibility conditions. They are located low on the front of the vehicle, below the regular headlights, and provide a wider, shorter beam of light that is angled toward the road surface. This helps to illuminate the area in front of the vehicle, making it easier to see the road and any potential hazards, such as curbs or other obstacles, that may not be visible with regular headlights. In addition to improving visibility, fog lights can also improve the overall appearance of a vehicle, and may even increase its resale value.
Fog lights are special lights mounted on the front of a vehicle that is designed to improve visibility in foggy or misty conditions, as well as in other situations where visibility is reduced. They are typically mounted lower on the vehicle than the headlights and provide a broad, low beam of light that illuminates the road surface directly in front of the car. Fog lights are also used to help drivers see the edges of the road and other objects in low-visibility conditions, and they can be particularly helpful in rural or mountainous areas where fog and mist are common. In many countries, the use of fog lights is regulated by law and they are only allowed to be used in certain conditions.

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